Review: Platinum Grinders’ herb grinder with pollen catcher 4-piece grinder (2.5 inches) 

You have grown your marijuana in the ideal conditions, watched as they bloomed, became beautiful plants with cannabinoid filled buds, and harvested. What’s next? The step to follow is to grind the buds and turn them into fine, minute pieces worth of a good smoke.

Using your hand to crush the weed is ancient and cumbersome, thus the need to invest in a high-quality, durable, and high-performing herb grinder. A herb grinder will give you excellent service for years while still adding value to your weed smoking sessions.

If you are looking for an excellent herb grinder, look no further than the Platinum Grinders’ herb grinder with pollen catcher 4-piece grinder (2.5 inches). The gadget is the answer to every stoner’s dream. It is currently ranked as the best-selling grinder on Amazon and with good reason. Let us look into some of its outstanding features.


This herb grinder classic is made from superior air-craft grade aluminum material to give it extra strength and extend its durability. The teeth are 49 in number and are dubbed ‘diamond cutting’ due to their ability to crush your weed with military precision and top-notch skill.

Its neodymium magnets facilitate an easy, smooth, and fast grinding process while staying completely shut. The 3rd piece has a mesh screen (stainless steel) that ensures that the finest weed particles (kief) go to the last section (4th piece).

The Platinum Grinders company has made this herb grinder while paying extra attention to small details, making it the pioneer for quality grinders.

The top and bottom parts of this herb grinder have textured grooves to help the user have a firm grip while grinding the marijuana. This is especially good since most weed grinders end up slipping from the fingers, and users end up making a mess and wasting some fair amount of weed in the process. The 2.5 inches also happens to be the ideal size to fit average-sized hands while holding and twisting around the device.


  • Contains four chambers
  • Superior material and top-notch quality
  • Strong and durable
  • Extra teeth for grinding precision
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Kief chamber (4th section)
  • Relatively cheap for the quality it offers
  • Perfect size for holding
  • Easy to use
  • Textured grooves

Why use herb/weed grinders?

Every device made by man is for the sole purpose of making his life more comfortable. Therefore, a herb grinder makes it easier for users through;

  • Saving time that would be used to grind it with bare hands
  • Gives the user a better smoking experience and an even joint burn
  • Increases the quality of weed
  • Increases the potency levels of marijuana


You can never go wrong with Platinum Grinders! If you are looking for a weed grinder that will surpass your expectation and give you the best ground weed, look no further, Platinum Grinders’ herb grinder with pollen catcher 4-piece grinder (2.5 inches) is your best choice.

Reviews from customers on Amazon show how high-performing it is and how easy it is to use. Don’t be left behind! Upgrade your weed smoking experience by investing in a worthwhile herb grinder like the herb grinder with pollen catcher 4-piece grinder (2.5 inches).