How To Potty Train A Guinea Pig Fast?

Guinea pigs are the adorable little animals to keep as pets. But they are also littered very often. Litter train your guinea pigs might not the possible mission if you spend your time and patience on it.

In order to keep the guinea pig habitat always clean and avoid stink smell, you have to learn how to potty train a guinea pig fast.

5 steps to potty train your guinea pigs

Step 1:

Observe your guinea pigs’ behavior before providing them the litter box. There are one or two spots in the cage that your guinea pigs will prefer to defecate.

This is the way that they mark their territory and it is a high probability that they will defecate in this spot again.

Step 2:

After choosing the location to put the box, then you need to prepare the litter box. This box has to fit nicely with the spot that you’ve chosen and also large enough for your guinea pigs can sit on it.

Using the same best bedding for guinea pigs that you place in the cage and place it in this box. The sides of the box should not too high for your guinea pigs can easily access.

Step 3:

Observe your guinea pigs’ behaviors after you place the litter box in the cage.  It is a high possibility that they will use this box for potty.

But if they not, you have to take the box out and to check it again. Make sure that you do not miss any step and use the right bedding.

Step 4:

Keep the box clean. You should clean this litter box for at least 3 days. Washing the box and replacing the bedding only once a week, will ensure that their small still remain on the box and they will use it again.

Step 5:

Do not lose your patience with the training. It is almost but not every guinea pig can learn how to use the box.

But it does not mean that you should give up. Never punish them if your pets do not go potty at this litter box, instead, you should encourage with the best guinea pig treats if they do it right.