Review: Platinum Grinders’ herb grinder with pollen catcher 4-piece grinder (2.5 inches) 

You have grown your marijuana in the ideal conditions, watched as they bloomed, became beautiful plants with cannabinoid filled buds, and harvested. What’s next? The step to follow is to grind the buds and turn them into fine, minute pieces worth of a good smoke.

Using your hand to crush the weed is ancient and cumbersome, thus the need to invest in a high-quality, durable, and high-performing herb grinder. A herb grinder will give you excellent service for years while still adding value to your weed smoking sessions.

If you are looking for an excellent herb grinder, look no further than the Platinum Grinders’ herb grinder with pollen catcher 4-piece grinder (2.5 inches). The gadget is the answer to every stoner’s dream. It is currently ranked as the best-selling grinder on Amazon and with good reason. Let us look into some of its outstanding features.


This herb grinder classic is made from superior air-craft grade aluminum material to give it extra strength and extend its durability. The teeth are 49 in number and are dubbed ‘diamond cutting’ due to their ability to crush your weed with military precision and top-notch skill.

Its neodymium magnets facilitate an easy, smooth, and fast grinding process while staying completely shut. The 3rd piece has a mesh screen (stainless steel) that ensures that the finest weed particles (kief) go to the last section (4th piece).

The Platinum Grinders company has made this herb grinder while paying extra attention to small details, making it the pioneer for quality grinders.

The top and bottom parts of this herb grinder have textured grooves to help the user have a firm grip while grinding the marijuana. This is especially good since most weed grinders end up slipping from the fingers, and users end up making a mess and wasting some fair amount of weed in the process. The 2.5 inches also happens to be the ideal size to fit average-sized hands while holding and twisting around the device.


  • Contains four chambers
  • Superior material and top-notch quality
  • Strong and durable
  • Extra teeth for grinding precision
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Kief chamber (4th section)
  • Relatively cheap for the quality it offers
  • Perfect size for holding
  • Easy to use
  • Textured grooves

Why use herb/weed grinders?

Every device made by man is for the sole purpose of making his life more comfortable. Therefore, a herb grinder makes it easier for users through;

  • Saving time that would be used to grind it with bare hands
  • Gives the user a better smoking experience and an even joint burn
  • Increases the quality of weed
  • Increases the potency levels of marijuana


You can never go wrong with Platinum Grinders! If you are looking for a weed grinder that will surpass your expectation and give you the best ground weed, look no further, Platinum Grinders’ herb grinder with pollen catcher 4-piece grinder (2.5 inches) is your best choice.

Reviews from customers on Amazon show how high-performing it is and how easy it is to use. Don’t be left behind! Upgrade your weed smoking experience by investing in a worthwhile herb grinder like the herb grinder with pollen catcher 4-piece grinder (2.5 inches).

How often should I clean my tarantula enclosure?

One of the biggest point of tarantula pets is that their relatively simple housing requirements. It is not difficult to choose the best tarantula enclosure. And this is also relatively easy when it comes to cleaning their enclosure.

Tarantulas are not very messy animals. They excrete a quick-drying fluid that has virtually no smell or mess. Tarantulas usually have a habit of defecating in one corner and use the rest of the space to sleep and rest. This post is how often and the way that I usually clean my tarantula’s enclosure.

#1 When to clean the tarantula enclosure

There is no basic routine for cleaning tarantula enclose. Generally, I clean my tarantula’s cage whenever it looks like it is needed. It is often once every 5-6 days. I will visually inspect the cage and determine if it is messy or smelly. And for about 4-6 months, you should do a deep cleaning for the tarantula enclosure.

#2 Regular cleaning

However, one thing to note that clean up and remove any excess food that has been inside the cage for no more than 24 hours. This includes any cricket carcasses or live crickets that haven’t been eaten after a day. If you leave food for too long, it will start to smell.

The one thing that does need regular cleaning is replace the water in the bowl every day. The water may become moldy after a day by food or an insect. After throw out the old water, you should ensure that you clean the dish after ass the fresh water into the dish.

#3 Deep cleaning

The first thing to do if you want to deep clean the entire enclosure is transport your tarantula to a separate, ventilated container. This will prevent the tarantula can quickly escape from the open lid.

Then you should remove all the stuff inside the cage include substrate, decoration, accessories. After that, washing the walls with a wet cloth, scrub the floor and remove any dirty marks. Dip a wet cloth into a bucket of 3% bleach solution and wipe the tarantula’s enclosure and also other accessories.

Rinse out the habitat with clean water and accessories to remove the bleach solution. You have to ensure that you rise them very thoroughly to remove all traces of the cleaning solution. Allow the enclosure to air dry. Finally, add a new layer of substrate to the bottom of the cage. Place any accessories and decoration you cleaned back in the habitat and place you tarantula back in their enclosure.

How to clean a ferret litter box?

Ferrets can spend a great deal of time grooming themselves and they can be litter trained. But Ferrets have strong sense of smell and they hate dirty litter boxes, so they may not go toilet in the litter box that they think is too dirty. And then they will begin to do poop and pee all over their cage and even your house.

You just got a half way with the best ferret litter box, to keep the cage clean and tidy and control odor, you also have to know how to maintain and clean the litter box. Poor litter pan maintenance can cause your ferret to get very sick.

#1 Daily and weekly cleaning

To help control the odor from your ferrets, please make sure you keep the litter boxes cleaned. You should scoop all the solid wastes out of the litter box daily.

You also should completely clean the with a bleach solution or good sanitizer once a week. After that, rinse the box properly with clean water. When doing this, do not forget to wear gloves and goggles. Allow to air dry and with until it completely dry and place the litter inside.

#2 Scoop out all the solids

Ferrets don’t cover their stool like cats, so every few days, you should scoop out all the solids and using a thin layer of litter and replacing it. There are some tips to do that is place your trash close to the litter box so you can add it into the trash immediately.

You do not want to go across the room, carrying a scoop of litter. You should clean the litter box till the very end and make sure you leave no traces behind.

#3 Dust the rag

Cleaning the rag under the litter box is also very important. It is not recommended to take the rag to the kitchen sink as you want to minimize the risk of contamination. Dust off any remaining litter from the rag. You can use wet wipes to remove anything that sticks to the rag. And then wash it with dish soap.

#4 Full the box with fresh litter

Finally, you will need to fill the litter box with fresh litter. Smoothly lay the new litter into the litter box. Many experienced ferret owners like to add a litter amount of baking soda in the litter.  Ferret odor has a strong smell of ammonia and baking soda will helps mask the smell.

What is the best iguana cage material?

Baby iguanas may quite small about 6 inches, but they can grow to be a massive 6 feet when fully grown. The best iguana cage must be designed with the possibilities of it getting big. But Most of the appropriately-sized cages available for purchase are very expensive.

This is why you should build your own iguana cage to save money. Besides, you can easy find the materials to build iguana cage available around you. Iguana cages can be made out of many different materials as well as some materials should be avoided completely.

#1 Glass

Many owners thought that glass aquarium is good to house iguana. But iit’s best to avoid all-glass terrariums. Glass aquarium is too small and is not high enough to keep iguanas. Not only that, you will never want your iguana’s cage air to be stagnant or stifling as in the glass tank.

Additionally, with your adult iguana requiring multiple heat lamps and UVB bulbs for them to basking, but it’s easy for glass terrariums to become overheated and stagnant.

You should only use glass tank in the cases if you use it to house a baby iguana as temporary housing.

#2 Wood

Wood is probably the most common material used in cage building. You can use plywood as walls for three of the sides and a wire mesh door for the front. Most hardwoods used for 2x4s and the like are suitable for iguana cages.

Wood also the ideal material if you are in the cooler climate as the wood walls will make it easier to maintain a proper temperature in your pet’s home. Solid walls and tops help keep the heat in best.

One thing to keep in mind is that You want to avoid aromatic woods such as cedar and redwood because they contain toxic oils that can be fatal to your iguana.

#3 Plastic-coated wire mesh.

If you are in the warmer climate, where stays very warm year round, you should go with Plastic-coated wire mesh. Remember that Wire mesh is not the best choice for the walls unless it is plastic coated, as it can harm your iguana’s toes.

Plastic-coated wire mesh also good material for iguana cages as it is strong and can support climbing branches. It is important that it good for ventilation, and also protects your iguana’s feet while climbing and prevents other rubbing injuries.

But if you are worry about maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels in the wire cage, you may should to build c cage with one or two plexiglass sides.

Why you should choose a bowfishing generator over a battery?

As a bowfisher, you may wonder about backup and portable power supply to consider in your fishing trips. Normally, there are two common power supply: battery and generator. The choice between them is a personal preference as each has its own advantages.

However, most bowfisher tend to have a preference for best bowfishing generators and we also recommend that you should use it. If you are one of those who are stuck between battery and generator, this post will clear up your queries about why you should choose generator.

#1 Light

This is the main reason for taking a generator to the bowfishng boat at night. You will need a good fishing light and a generator will power it. When you bowfishing  at night, the fishing light will help you lights up the water and you can be able to see the fish below.

Although there are the lights that run by battery power, uses a generator, you will get much better light penetration than a battery light. That means you can see the fish more clearly and futher under water.

Not only that, the light generator-poweredalso cost less than the monthly price you would pay for LEDs battery light.

#2 Multi-purpose

Apart from lighting, when you’re floating around the lake at night you may need some requirement such as a litte entertainment or food. You can take any electronic devices, chagers, and a small speaker for music as well. With some devices, you can pass through the night easier and less lonely.

You also can make simple cooking on your boat with the power supply of generator. Some hot food can provide you energy for your long night on the lake.

#3 The noise problem can be solved

Some people worry about the noise on the water that generators make can affect the fish. However, you can solve this problem by using a quality and quite generator available today. You even do not need to pay so much for a quiet generator. If you want a good generator that does not make too much noise, we can recommend you some quite generator products like Champion Power Equipment 3,100W, Honda EU2000i 2,000W, Yamaha EF2000iS 2,000W.

#4 Affordable

Modern generators are very different to what you saw in the past. Many generatirs today have the good quality, porable while not cost much and have great fuel economy. Generators are no longer clunky, heavy machines that take much of space on your boat. They are also fuel economy as most generators will run for 10-12 hours and even more without refill.

Best guinea pig food: Oxbow Essentials VS. Small Pet Select

Like any other pets, guinea pigs also require a certain degree of care. As an owner, it is your responsibility to purchase on the best guinea pig food for the proper growth of your pets.

The best guinea pig food should contain high-quality ingredients that are balanced, healthy and meet the nutritional that they need.

You can totally achieve these things by providing them the guinea pigs’ food on the market. But there are many food options available; it can be hard to find the most appropriate for your guinea pig.

In this post, we are going for detail about two commonly guinea pigs food: Oxbow Essentials Adult Guinea Pig VS. Small Pet Select Guinea Pig Food Pellets.

#1 Ingredients

The best food for guinea pigs should be made of high-quality ingredients and offer a lot of nutrition. Do not contain any harmful chemicals, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

The fresh hat should be the foundation food for the daily diet of guinea pigs, and Oxbow is made of 100% natural Timothy hay with no additives or preservatives. It is also considered the best guinea pig chews because it is good for the oral health of guinea pigs.

Hay contains a high amount of fiber but low in the hat. It is also good for the digestion of the guinea pigs and keeps their teeth trim.

Small pet guinea pig food is commercial pellet food. Its main ingredient is timothy hay. These pellets food can be a healthy and balanced diet, which provides essential vitamins and minerals.

This food is much appreciated since it is made of only ingredients that are sourced in the USA.

#2 Nutrition

It is better to choose the food that contains a high amount of vitamin C since your guinea pigs cannot make their own vitamin C. And Oxbow Essentials is the great choice for those who are looking for the food that high in vitamin C and fiber.

Each bag of this food contains 14% protein, 25% fiber, 2% fat, and 10% water, and the ratio between calcium and phosphorus ratio is ideal for guinea pigs.

Small Pet Food was produced in small batches; this will ensure the quality and freshness of the product. It contains 2% fat, 25% fiber and 14% protein, 0,4% calcium, 400mf/lb Vitamin C. It is high in fiber for healthy digestion.

#3 Brands

When it comes to food for guinea pigs, the brand is the factor that should be cokknsidered. The products made by an unknown and less reliable brand is typically cheaper since they are lack of quality ingredients and contain the fillers.

Oxbow Animal Health is the manufacturer of pet food that has more than 40 years of experience. They produce pellets food for guinea pigs and other small pets. They have been known as their healthy formulate without including fillers.

Small Pet Select also the manufactures for small pet food such as guinea pigs, dogs, and cats. This is the family-owned company founded in 2012 in the USA. They only make their product of food in small batches to ensure freshness.

Buying Guide: Best Musky Lures

If you are among the people whose fishing is a hobby, you may have known about Muskellunge, also called muskie. Muskie is one of the most subtle fish. He is exceptionally insightful and is subsequently ready to maintain a strategic distance from the greater part of the traps and enticements which people may use to trap him.

Without an appropriate gear, getting Muskie is a progressively troublesome exercise. Therefore, getting the best muskie lures should be paramount to fishers.

There are five principal classifications of lures that will entice hungry musk. These classes are spinners, crankbaits, surface water, adaptable plastics and lure. Putting resources into a great reel is perhaps the most brilliant thing a musk angler can do. The musk curl you use is at the core of musk, and the distinction can be between the enjoyment and musky experience and the day loaded up with knotted streaks, rodent homes and exacerbations.

The new and the experienced fishers need to realize which is the best musky baits, the best musk reel for chasing, the best musk reel for throwing, or even the best musk reel for a catch.

A significant note is that musk is a predator at the highness of the peak and that it is conceivable to eat whatever moves on the off chance that you present it effectively. Notwithstanding, we think the ideal path is to utilize the enchantment that has been demonstrated to work constantly in Virginia waters to give you the absolute best when musk falls.

Musk chasing requires a simple bait to expel from the musk mouth as it has sharp teeth. You should understand how to manage it to abstain from transforming your musk chasing distraction into a ridiculous game! You can as well wear gloves.

But what are the best muskie lures?

Some fishermen would go for bait casters, while others can’t adhere to them and incline toward turning reels. A few people like the customary round rolls, while others like the more up to date, progressively smaller models. Know your best musky lures that you ought to pick dependent on their capacity to accomplish the expected objective.

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Pets are a very important part of a kid’s life, approximately the 87% of houses in the United States have at least one animal as a pet and even when that number works as a total, that percentage keeps getting bigger and bigger as time passes. A dog or a cat is a very pleasant company, one is the best friend for a kid and the other is more of a house ruler, birds are very cute (and loud) and don’t need that much time, but there are kids and grownups that really need something different.

As not everyone lives in a big house, or have time for taking care of a pet, turtles are one of the best options (if not the best) when a pet is the topic. They are an option that is aesthetic, because the tank can be shown as house decor, even more of the tank actually a good copy of their original environment, there are many tools, like plastic rocks or lanterns that will copy solar light that may make the task easier and turtles happier; they are too, small enough to be kept in rooms, let alone apartments so the space issue is totally solved, as is the fact that they won’t ever kill or bite and have only a few animals who would try to do some harm to them (such as mouses); also they are known to be the living example of a long life since they live more than 100 years and won’t ever cause any allergies and as they are some calm and easy to be with they will make a good company when it comes to listening, serving as well as any other animal as a pet (apart from the security duties dogs solve)

Map turtleswood turtlemud turtlepainted turtle and chicken turtle  are the most adapted, and common, of all reptile species to be kept as pets and the numbers are getting on and on for being the answer for allergic children calling for a pet, also they can perfectly live in any reduced space because they only need a tank with access to water for swimming, a dry place for basking and food with all its vitamins and substrates. They also won’t take a lot of time since they only need to be fed once a day and do the maintenance of the water about once a week too, also, if the Zoo Med Wipe Out Cleaner, cleaning the tank will be even easier. They are totally friendly and won’t bite nor fight anyone who tries to touch them, all though females do tend to be a bit dominant among each other. They, also, won’t grow more than 10 inches (as huge) and will get there very slowly.

As for tanks, they need to have a good environment condition if they are wanted to live as much. For creating a healthy environment, choosing Fluker’s Castle Crib Reptile Basking Platform and the Exo Terra Intense Basking Spot Lamp will solve any light issue, being complimented for each other, it is only needed to choose the location of the tank depending on where is going to be the lamp to keep the turtle comfortable. Also water, hot or cold, just like humans, can affect the turtles, so the Exo Terra Thermometer or the Zoo Med Economy Analog Dual Thermometer and Humidity Gauge  will make an owner’s life easier and the Zoo Med ReptiSafe Instant Terrarium Water Conditioner will prevent the turtle to get infected by any bacteria even humans are exposed to.

Beside the fact that turtles actually suffers from health issues very seldom, with these products, the few work a turtle need, will be even less and faster than ever before. How to Take Care of Wood Turtle. Turtles will always be there as the best option for anyone with allergies, they won’t be aggressive ever and won’t be affected for space or loudness issues, also is perfect for those who work all day for they are very easy to maintain happiness, and by the way, keep a kid or anyone in seek of some quiet-kind company happy too.

How To Potty Train A Guinea Pig Fast?

Guinea pigs are the adorable little animals to keep as pets. But they are also littered very often. Litter train your guinea pigs might not the possible mission if you spend your time and patience on it.

In order to keep the guinea pig habitat always clean and avoid stink smell, you have to learn how to potty train a guinea pig fast.

5 steps to potty train your guinea pigs

Step 1:

Observe your guinea pigs’ behavior before providing them the litter box. There are one or two spots in the cage that your guinea pigs will prefer to defecate.

This is the way that they mark their territory and it is a high probability that they will defecate in this spot again.

Step 2:

After choosing the location to put the box, then you need to prepare the litter box. This box has to fit nicely with the spot that you’ve chosen and also large enough for your guinea pigs can sit on it.

Using the same best bedding for guinea pigs that you place in the cage and place it in this box. The sides of the box should not too high for your guinea pigs can easily access.

Step 3:

Observe your guinea pigs’ behaviors after you place the litter box in the cage.  It is a high possibility that they will use this box for potty.

But if they not, you have to take the box out and to check it again. Make sure that you do not miss any step and use the right bedding.

Step 4:

Keep the box clean. You should clean this litter box for at least 3 days. Washing the box and replacing the bedding only once a week, will ensure that their small still remain on the box and they will use it again.

Step 5:

Do not lose your patience with the training. It is almost but not every guinea pig can learn how to use the box.

But it does not mean that you should give up. Never punish them if your pets do not go potty at this litter box, instead, you should encourage with the best guinea pig treats if they do it right.

Benefits Of Salt Water Chlorinators

Saline chlorination is a method that purifies water from a large container, such as a pool, through the electrolysis performed by a system composed of a chlorinator. To carry out this process, a specific amount of salt is placed in the water so that the best salt water chlorinator can separate the sodium chlorine from the salt and generate sodium hypochlorite to disinfect the water. A simple method that does not require strong or abrasive chemicals, excellent, do not you think?

However, although it is one of the most used methods by pool maintenance professionals nowadays, many people are unaware of the virtues that this system possesses and how much it can help us if we have a pool, a pond or a large hot tub in our home. That is why here we develop a list of advantages and benefits that salt chlorinators have.

#1 In health

It does not affect the skin or eyes in any way. As is known, substances such as bromine or chlorine, which are usually used to disinfect pool water, can generate adverse effects on the skin and eyes. However, saline chlorination does not cause any type of irritation or dryness, it means, it avoids eye and dermatological diseases. This process derives a low salt concentration, even lower than that of a tear, so it does not represent any type of risk for the human being. On the contrary, it is considered antiseptic since the electrolysis not only destroys the bacteria already formed in the water but also eliminates those formed when the swimmer comes in contact with it, that is to say, it carries out a double disinfection process.

#2 In aesthetics

It does not damage the hair or its dyes like other types of chemicals used in water; in addition, it neither damages the fabric nor fades it. Also, it favors tanning thanks to the presence of iodine generated by the use of salt.

#3 In chemical safety

It reduces the risk of improperly using chemicals. Despite being very careful, when working with chemicals, we can be in danger of making a mistake that can be harmful to our health. Saline electrolysis does not require them, so it reduces the risks of poisoning.

#4 In the environment

This system is ecological. Its main element is salt, which gives it an advantage in this area as it is a completely natural product. Moreover, it recycles all elements, which represents protection and care for the environment.

#5 In economics

Salt chlorinators are very economical in the market, they do not need to be replaced as frequently as other devices and, furthermore, they have a wide guarantee provided by their manufacturers. They do not require chemical products and their maintenance is reduced by more than 75%. In addition to this, its power consumption is low.

#6 In its use

It is a system that can be completely automated, besides, it is designed to work in conjunction with the pump, with the purifier and with the filter. The only thing that requires is the control of PH levels although in more advanced models, salt chlorinators have built-in pH regulators.

Remember that water is one of the transmitters of diseases and viruses with which we have more contact with, so it is important to keep the water in our pools clean and tidy. For this, there are many tools that can be helpful, in addition, we have heaters for swimming pools and even alarms for swimming pools that tell us when someone enters it and is in use.