How to provide the best UVB light for bearded dragon?

In the natural, bearded dragons come from the hot desert areas of Australian, where they can receive UVB radiation naturally from the sun. They need UVB light to live along and healthy. UVB light gives them the ability to producing vitamin D and allows them to absorb enough calcium from the food. This plays a very important role in their life.

Provide the best UVB light for bearded dragon to mimic their natural environment. We recommend you should not leave bearded dragon without UVB light for more than 2 days.


How much amount of UVB light do bearded dragon need?

In order to provide enough amount of UVB light for your bearded dragons, you should turn this device for 12-14 hours per day. This is will resemble with the day and night circle in the natural environment. During the winter months, you can change the light cycles to 8 hours per day and no more than 10 hours.

When it is enough time, you can turn it off. In case you might forget it, buying the device come with a timer that can automatically turn off the light by the time you set up.

One more thing you should remember that your bearded dragons do not need any light at night. This will disturb their day and night cycle because this light makes them mistake with the sun.

Where you should place your UVB light?

The best placement to place the best reptile light bulbs is on the top inside the tank. This is to ensure that there is enough distance between your bearded dragons and the light, they can not touch the bulb directly and get the risk to be burned while still enjoy basking in the light.

The ideal distance is about 12 inches from the tank bottom to the bulb. If it longer than 12 inches, the effectiveness of the bulb will be reduced and your bearded dragons cannot receive enough ultraviolet rays. In case you are using a mercury vapor bulb for your tank, this distance should be 20 inches.