How often should I clean my tarantula enclosure?

One of the biggest point of tarantula pets is that their relatively simple housing requirements. It is not difficult to choose the best tarantula enclosure. And this is also relatively easy when it comes to cleaning their enclosure.

Tarantulas are not very messy animals. They excrete a quick-drying fluid that has virtually no smell or mess. Tarantulas usually have a habit of defecating in one corner and use the rest of the space to sleep and rest. This post is how often and the way that I usually clean my tarantula’s enclosure.

#1 When to clean the tarantula enclosure

There is no basic routine for cleaning tarantula enclose. Generally, I clean my tarantula’s cage whenever it looks like it is needed. It is often once every 5-6 days. I will visually inspect the cage and determine if it is messy or smelly. And for about 4-6 months, you should do a deep cleaning for the tarantula enclosure.

#2 Regular cleaning

However, one thing to note that clean up and remove any excess food that has been inside the cage for no more than 24 hours. This includes any cricket carcasses or live crickets that haven’t been eaten after a day. If you leave food for too long, it will start to smell.

The one thing that does need regular cleaning is replace the water in the bowl every day. The water may become moldy after a day by food or an insect. After throw out the old water, you should ensure that you clean the dish after ass the fresh water into the dish.

#3 Deep cleaning

The first thing to do if you want to deep clean the entire enclosure is transport your tarantula to a separate, ventilated container. This will prevent the tarantula can quickly escape from the open lid.

Then you should remove all the stuff inside the cage include substrate, decoration, accessories. After that, washing the walls with a wet cloth, scrub the floor and remove any dirty marks. Dip a wet cloth into a bucket of 3% bleach solution and wipe the tarantula’s enclosure and also other accessories.

Rinse out the habitat with clean water and accessories to remove the bleach solution. You have to ensure that you rise them very thoroughly to remove all traces of the cleaning solution. Allow the enclosure to air dry. Finally, add a new layer of substrate to the bottom of the cage. Place any accessories and decoration you cleaned back in the habitat and place you tarantula back in their enclosure.