How To Choose The Best Meat Slicer For Jerky?

If you have a passion for beef jerkies and want to make it on your own. But making a batch of jerky by the traditional way is not an interesting process.

It is also not easy to cut meat with proper sizes to make jerkies, even when you have a great knife set. If you own a meat slicer, you will avoid all this complicated work.

There are many benefits of having a meat slicer. A slicer will cut the meat as thinly, evenly, easily as possible. On the process of making jerky by using a knife, you might be injured. Using a meat slicer would be safer for you.

And now, let’s find out what makes the best meat slicer for jerky?

#1 Materials

The most important thing you should care about when finding a meat slicer for jerky is high quality materials.

Meat slicers should be made of safety materials such as stainless steel which does not react with the food, and no harm to your health.

#2 Versatility

Besides the main function of evenly cutting meat, meat slicer will become better for you if it comes with some plus function.

You should buy a slicer can work great with different tasks. For example, a slicer is an attachment to a mixer, or can slice other food such as cheese, potatoes, etc.

#3 Easy to Clean

You need to have a slicer that has removable parts to allow for less cleanup. It will better if the parts – that need to be cleaned such as the tray and the blade can be taken off easily and can be clean with soap, water or dishwasher safe.

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