What is the best iguana cage material?

Baby iguanas may quite small about 6 inches, but they can grow to be a massive 6 feet when fully grown. The best iguana cage must be designed with the possibilities of it getting big. But Most of the appropriately-sized cages available for purchase are very expensive.

This is why you should build your own iguana cage to save money. Besides, you can easy find the materials to build iguana cage available around you. Iguana cages can be made out of many different materials as well as some materials should be avoided completely.

#1 Glass

Many owners thought that glass aquarium is good to house iguana. But iit’s best to avoid all-glass terrariums. Glass aquarium is too small and is not high enough to keep iguanas. Not only that, you will never want your iguana’s cage air to be stagnant or stifling as in the glass tank.

Additionally, with your adult iguana requiring multiple heat lamps and UVB bulbs for them to basking, but it’s easy for glass terrariums to become overheated and stagnant.

You should only use glass tank in the cases if you use it to house a baby iguana as temporary housing.

#2 Wood

Wood is probably the most common material used in cage building. You can use plywood as walls for three of the sides and a wire mesh door for the front. Most hardwoods used for 2x4s and the like are suitable for iguana cages.

Wood also the ideal material if you are in the cooler climate as the wood walls will make it easier to maintain a proper temperature in your pet’s home. Solid walls and tops help keep the heat in best.

One thing to keep in mind is that You want to avoid aromatic woods such as cedar and redwood because they contain toxic oils that can be fatal to your iguana.

#3 Plastic-coated wire mesh.

If you are in the warmer climate, where stays very warm year round, you should go with Plastic-coated wire mesh. Remember that Wire mesh is not the best choice for the walls unless it is plastic coated, as it can harm your iguana’s toes.

Plastic-coated wire mesh also good material for iguana cages as it is strong and can support climbing branches. It is important that it good for ventilation, and also protects your iguana’s feet while climbing and prevents other rubbing injuries.

But if you are worry about maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels in the wire cage, you may should to build c cage with one or two plexiglass sides.