Best guinea pig food: Oxbow Essentials VS. Small Pet Select

Like any other pets, guinea pigs also require a certain degree of care. As an owner, it is your responsibility to purchase on the best guinea pig food for the proper growth of your pets.

The best guinea pig food should contain high-quality ingredients that are balanced, healthy and meet the nutritional that they need.

You can totally achieve these things by providing them the guinea pigs’ food on the market. But there are many food options available; it can be hard to find the most appropriate for your guinea pig.

In this post, we are going for detail about two commonly guinea pigs food: Oxbow Essentials Adult Guinea Pig VS. Small Pet Select Guinea Pig Food Pellets.

#1 Ingredients

The best food for guinea pigs should be made of high-quality ingredients and offer a lot of nutrition. Do not contain any harmful chemicals, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

The fresh hat should be the foundation food for the daily diet of guinea pigs, and Oxbow is made of 100% natural Timothy hay with no additives or preservatives. It is also considered the best guinea pig chews because it is good for the oral health of guinea pigs.

Hay contains a high amount of fiber but low in the hat. It is also good for the digestion of the guinea pigs and keeps their teeth trim.

Small pet guinea pig food is commercial pellet food. Its main ingredient is timothy hay. These pellets food can be a healthy and balanced diet, which provides essential vitamins and minerals.

This food is much appreciated since it is made of only ingredients that are sourced in the USA.

#2 Nutrition

It is better to choose the food that contains a high amount of vitamin C since your guinea pigs cannot make their own vitamin C. And Oxbow Essentials is the great choice for those who are looking for the food that high in vitamin C and fiber.

Each bag of this food contains 14% protein, 25% fiber, 2% fat, and 10% water, and the ratio between calcium and phosphorus ratio is ideal for guinea pigs.

Small Pet Food was produced in small batches; this will ensure the quality and freshness of the product. It contains 2% fat, 25% fiber and 14% protein, 0,4% calcium, 400mf/lb Vitamin C. It is high in fiber for healthy digestion.

#3 Brands

When it comes to food for guinea pigs, the brand is the factor that should be cokknsidered. The products made by an unknown and less reliable brand is typically cheaper since they are lack of quality ingredients and contain the fillers.

Oxbow Animal Health is the manufacturer of pet food that has more than 40 years of experience. They produce pellets food for guinea pigs and other small pets. They have been known as their healthy formulate without including fillers.

Small Pet Select also the manufactures for small pet food such as guinea pigs, dogs, and cats. This is the family-owned company founded in 2012 in the USA. They only make their product of food in small batches to ensure freshness.