How to clean a ferret litter box?

Ferrets can spend a great deal of time grooming themselves and they can be litter trained. But Ferrets have strong sense of smell and they hate dirty litter boxes, so they may not go toilet in the litter box that they think is too dirty. And then they will begin to do poop and pee all over their cage and even your house.

You just got a half way with the best ferret litter box, to keep the cage clean and tidy and control odor, you also have to know how to maintain and clean the litter box. Poor litter pan maintenance can cause your ferret to get very sick.

#1 Daily and weekly cleaning

To help control the odor from your ferrets, please make sure you keep the litter boxes cleaned. You should scoop all the solid wastes out of the litter box daily.

You also should completely clean the with a bleach solution or good sanitizer once a week. After that, rinse the box properly with clean water. When doing this, do not forget to wear gloves and goggles. Allow to air dry and with until it completely dry and place the litter inside.

#2 Scoop out all the solids

Ferrets don’t cover their stool like cats, so every few days, you should scoop out all the solids and using a thin layer of litter and replacing it. There are some tips to do that is place your trash close to the litter box so you can add it into the trash immediately.

You do not want to go across the room, carrying a scoop of litter. You should clean the litter box till the very end and make sure you leave no traces behind.

#3 Dust the rag

Cleaning the rag under the litter box is also very important. It is not recommended to take the rag to the kitchen sink as you want to minimize the risk of contamination. Dust off any remaining litter from the rag. You can use wet wipes to remove anything that sticks to the rag. And then wash it with dish soap.

#4 Full the box with fresh litter

Finally, you will need to fill the litter box with fresh litter. Smoothly lay the new litter into the litter box. Many experienced ferret owners like to add a litter amount of baking soda in the litter.  Ferret odor has a strong smell of ammonia and baking soda will helps mask the smell.