Why you should choose a bowfishing generator over a battery?

As a bowfisher, you may wonder about backup and portable power supply to consider in your fishing trips. Normally, there are two common power supply: battery and generator. The choice between them is a personal preference as each has its own advantages.

However, most bowfisher tend to have a preference for best bowfishing generators and we also recommend that you should use it. If you are one of those who are stuck between battery and generator, this post will clear up your queries about why you should choose generator.

#1 Light

This is the main reason for taking a generator to the bowfishng boat at night. You will need a good fishing light and a generator will power it. When you bowfishing  at night, the fishing light will help you lights up the water and you can be able to see the fish below.

Although there are the lights that run by battery power, uses a generator, you will get much better light penetration than a battery light. That means you can see the fish more clearly and futher under water.

Not only that, the light generator-poweredalso cost less than the monthly price you would pay for LEDs battery light.

#2 Multi-purpose

Apart from lighting, when you’re floating around the lake at night you may need some requirement such as a litte entertainment or food. You can take any electronic devices, chagers, and a small speaker for music as well. With some devices, you can pass through the night easier and less lonely.

You also can make simple cooking on your boat with the power supply of generator. Some hot food can provide you energy for your long night on the lake.

#3 The noise problem can be solved

Some people worry about the noise on the water that generators make can affect the fish. However, you can solve this problem by using a quality and quite generator available today. You even do not need to pay so much for a quiet generator. If you want a good generator that does not make too much noise, we can recommend you some quite generator products like Champion Power Equipment 3,100W, Honda EU2000i 2,000W, Yamaha EF2000iS 2,000W.

#4 Affordable

Modern generators are very different to what you saw in the past. Many generatirs today have the good quality, porable while not cost much and have great fuel economy. Generators are no longer clunky, heavy machines that take much of space on your boat. They are also fuel economy as most generators will run for 10-12 hours and even more without refill.