What are the best apples for apple juice?

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” you may have heard this saying so many times and you certainly understand what it means. Similar to an apple, a cup of apple juice is also a good food for your health.

But do you know how to choose the best apple to juice? A lot of people think that apples are the same, but no, different apples have different nutritional content.

To help you choose the best apples for apple juice, we have prepared some information for you.

The best apples for juice cleanse we have chosen are:

#1 Winesap

Winesap is an apple that resembles a wine. Its taste is sweet and can make people instantly fall in love, and it is also perfect for making juice.

This apple is well structured to make any dish, it is also perfectly sweet and sour.

#2 Honeycrisp

As the name suggests, this apple has a slight sweetness of honey and is also moderately sour to make juices.

These apples are also widely known for their cider.

#3 Braeburn

Braeburn apples are known for their juicy appearance. It is also one of the most popular commercial apples available today.

This apple also has a very good price and can be easily found in any supermarket, so it is ideal for making juices from this apple.

#4 Fuji

Fuji is also another candidate on this list, it has enough flavor and texture to breathe to become one of the best apples for juice.

However, these apples are best when they are old, young apples are usually less sweet and have an inferior texture.

#5 Arkansas Black

These beautiful red apples are one of the apples you should not overlook when making apple juice. Not only are they great for making apple pie, they are also moderately sweet when making juices.

You can also find them easily at supermarkets at reasonable prices. And don’t forget to add a little honey to the juice to add flavor.

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