Benefits Of Salt Water Chlorinators

Saline chlorination is a method that purifies water from a large container, such as a pool, through the electrolysis performed by a system composed of a chlorinator. To carry out this process, a specific amount of salt is placed in the water so that the best salt water chlorinator can separate the sodium chlorine from the salt and generate sodium hypochlorite to disinfect the water. A simple method that does not require strong or abrasive chemicals, excellent, do not you think?

However, although it is one of the most used methods by pool maintenance professionals nowadays, many people are unaware of the virtues that this system possesses and how much it can help us if we have a pool, a pond or a large hot tub in our home. That is why here we develop a list of advantages and benefits that salt chlorinators have.

#1 In health

It does not affect the skin or eyes in any way. As is known, substances such as bromine or chlorine, which are usually used to disinfect pool water, can generate adverse effects on the skin and eyes. However, saline chlorination does not cause any type of irritation or dryness, it means, it avoids eye and dermatological diseases. This process derives a low salt concentration, even lower than that of a tear, so it does not represent any type of risk for the human being. On the contrary, it is considered antiseptic since the electrolysis not only destroys the bacteria already formed in the water but also eliminates those formed when the swimmer comes in contact with it, that is to say, it carries out a double disinfection process.

#2 In aesthetics

It does not damage the hair or its dyes like other types of chemicals used in water; in addition, it neither damages the fabric nor fades it. Also, it favors tanning thanks to the presence of iodine generated by the use of salt.

#3 In chemical safety

It reduces the risk of improperly using chemicals. Despite being very careful, when working with chemicals, we can be in danger of making a mistake that can be harmful to our health. Saline electrolysis does not require them, so it reduces the risks of poisoning.

#4 In the environment

This system is ecological. Its main element is salt, which gives it an advantage in this area as it is a completely natural product. Moreover, it recycles all elements, which represents protection and care for the environment.

#5 In economics

Salt chlorinators are very economical in the market, they do not need to be replaced as frequently as other devices and, furthermore, they have a wide guarantee provided by their manufacturers. They do not require chemical products and their maintenance is reduced by more than 75%. In addition to this, its power consumption is low.

#6 In its use

It is a system that can be completely automated, besides, it is designed to work in conjunction with the pump, with the purifier and with the filter. The only thing that requires is the control of PH levels although in more advanced models, salt chlorinators have built-in pH regulators.

Remember that water is one of the transmitters of diseases and viruses with which we have more contact with, so it is important to keep the water in our pools clean and tidy. For this, there are many tools that can be helpful, in addition, we have heaters for swimming pools and even alarms for swimming pools that tell us when someone enters it and is in use.