Apple Juice: How do you juice apples without a juicer?

Apple juice from a carton is delicious but freshly juiced apples knock it way out of the park. But what are the best apples for juicing, how much are apples these days, and how can you use juicers with apples? Read on for a crash course in making delicious apple juice that will wow guests (if you can face letting someone else have any).

What are best juicing apples?

Incredibly, there are more than 7500 apple varieties worldwide. However, not all apples are equal, particularly when it comes to juice. Here are 4 top picks when it comes to making your own juice depending on your palette or desires.

#1 Sweet but tart

For those keen on apple juice that is sweet but comes with a crisp and tart finish, the granny smith apple is a real winner. As well as excellent flavor, granny smiths last for ages having been selectively bred for this end.

#2 All sweetness and light

If you are someone with a bit of sweet tooth, then gala apples will produce the sort of apple juice that will send you wild. Gala apple juice is a great choice for kids because although it is sweet it is also full of nutritious fruity goodness.

#3 Energy boost

Fuji Apples are full of natural sugars and carbohydrates that give you both an instant boost and longer-lasting energy. The red and yellow skin makes the color of this skin a sight to behold too.

#4 Low-calorie juice

The golden delicious offers those looking to lose weight a delicious but low-calorie option to brighten up any day. Taste-wise this is in-between the granny smith and the gala apple juice flavor.

How do you juice apples without a juicer?

Whilst it is possible to boil apples and make a nice juice this way, it is much healthier to juice apples raw. However, if you don’t fancy getting a juicer how can you do it? Well, the easiest way is in a food processor or blender. You will also need a sieve or, preferably, some muslin cloth.

  1. Wash your apples.
  2. Core your apples but leave the skin on. This adds, flavor, nutrition, and color to your juice.
  3. Blitz the apples until they are as smooth as they can be. You can add a little bit of water or some lemon juice if you need to, to get things going.
  4. If you have some muslin, you can place the blended apple mix in that over a bowl, otherwise, use a sieve. Squeeze the muslin over the bowl or press the apple mix through the sieve with a spoon to draw out all the juice.
  5. Serve immediately for maximum health benefits. A dash of ginger makes a nice additional touch.

How to juice apples with a juicer

Juicers make it a whole lot easier when it comes to making your own apple juice as sometimes blender can struggle to break down the apple as much as you would like. With a juicer, you also don’t even have to remove the apple core if you don’t want to. All you need to do is cut your apples into small enough pieces to fit your juicer chute and pass it on through. Don’t forget to put a glass or jug under the juicer dispenser!

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