10 Best Seed Banks

It can be nerve-racking to order cannabis seeds online for the first time. One has to deal with legal issues and strive to get quality seeds. Here are the 10 best seed banks you can use.

#1 I Love Growing Marijuana

The company is known to be one of the trusted online sources online for cannabis seed and knowledge.

Best traits

•Been offering quality seeds since 2012

•Ideal for beginners

•Great customer service

•Accepts various payment options

#2 Seedman

Seedman is one of the top 10 seed banks that ship to the US.

Best traits

•Been open since 2003

•Excellent business ethics


•Will ensure a smooth shipping

#3 Quebec Cannabis Seeds

The Canada based company offers a vast collection

Best traits

•Been in business since 2013

•Has a qualified team of breeders

•Fast shipping service

#4 MSNL Seeds

The company base is in the Netherlands. It has been offering quality seeds since 1999.

Best traits

•Has been selling quality seeds since 1999

•Has a high germination rate of 90%

•Offers discounts for large orders

•They have a reward program

#5 Seed Supreme

It is among the best seed banks in England.

Best traits

•In business since 2013

•Has over 4000 seeds

•Offers nice discreet packaging

#6 True North Seed Bank

The Canadian seed bank is among the top 10 seed banks that ship to the US as it offers high quality.

Best traits

•Has an online live help

•Offers a wide range of option

•Free shipping for large orders

#7 Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

The company is known to meet with the needs of various growers

Best traits

•Has product for different users

•Will offer advice on the best product for you

•Has a 24 hours customer service

#8 Crop King Seeds

The company operates in Vancouver.

Best traits

•Has been around since the mid-2000’s

•Offers a guarantee of 80% germination rate

•The website that is easy to use

#9 Seed City Seeds

It is ideal for those in need of breeder-led breeds.

Best traits

•Great customer service


•Give away for signing up to their site

#10 Pacific Seed Bank

It is among the few seed banks that offer THC and High CBD

Best traits

•Offers a 90% germination guarantee

•Variety of seeds

•Great customer service

I have worked with most of these seeds companies and so far, I have not been disappointed.